Paying for Essay Writing Service? Know the Pros and Cons of Doing So

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It is not wrong if you are paying for essay that someone else has written. Believe it or not; this is a trend amongst the college and university students who seriously feel the writing stress due to lack of aptitude coupled with the crunch of resources including time.

The fact is that it is not only students who feel like taking the help of some writing service online or offline but it also the celebrities, politicians, and athletes who feel so. They just hire a ghostwriter to write a speech or a book for them.

Typically, these professionals get paid to write the autobiographies or chronicles of a specific person. There are hundreds of such real-life examples. Thus, it is actually not illegal to do so. There are no legal rules against it. Thus, even students do not mind to hire an essay writing service and get their work done.

So, why should you hesitate when it comes to paying for essay paper that someone else writes? Well, you should not! However, this does not mean that you should blindly pay for hiring one such service. In other words, you should know the pros and cons of doing so.

After all, each service, whether online or offline, has its own benefits and limitations, right? This is regardless of how popular it may be! So, let’s go through the pros and cons of such writing services.

Pros of Essay Writing Services

There are many valuable pros of using these services, which are as follows:

  • Competitive rates that students of colleges and universities can afford. Thus, you can get the desired help when in need.
  • Timely completion of your essay or other paper that you have ordered. This is true even if you need the paper in just two days. At times, you may even get the paper earlier than the specified duration.
  • Experienced or knowledgeable authors due to which you get quality work with least reworks or reviews. Having a quality staff is one of the primary features of a good essay writing service. If you get a chance to select one while you pay for essay, do so only after peeping into their background, experience, and education. This will help you ensure that the chosen author has all the knowledge and skills to deliver smoothly and efficiently.
  • Original essay papers, which are free from plagiarism. A good essay service or its author will give you an essay paper that has only original content with proper accreditations.
  • Friendly service through professional means, another characteristic of a legitimate essay writing service. Such a service has professional staff who are trained to give amicable responses to your questions. The staff is ever ready to help you anytime to give you the desired assistance.
  • Online tutoring to impart the basic knowledge and skills. An ideal essay writing service not only provides you with an author of your choice but also allows you to interact with her or him so that you can learn while getting the necessary assistance.

These are the pros of using legitimate essay writing services. Let us now see the cons.

Cons of Essay Writing Services

The major issue with paying for essay writing services is the devaluation of the education system’s fundamentals. In simple words, the basic purpose of education, which is to learn, stays behind.

Another issue is the inculcation of inequality. Of course, when you pay for your essay that someone else has written, you expect quality or scholarly work. This gets fulfilled most of the time. Well, this is the reason you put your own classmates in a more hopeless situation.

They are already struggling for writing a good essay by putting great effort. Now, they might feel cheated, as you managed to do it by hiring a service. This is because no you will easily gain a higher score or grade than them. This is something that is unfair in their eyes.


It is a fact that there are more pros than cons of paying for essay papers made online. However, you cannot totally ignore the cons. So, it is best to pay initially until you learn the skills of writing such papers. Thereafter, you should start writing on your own.

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