The Little Known Secrets to Essay Writing

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Many students are terrified when they hear the word “essay”. Most of them are terrified because a blank page seems as big as the Sahara desert as they are not even sure where to begin from. Then some are afraid of the task ahead but are overwhelmed with exams and other activities and don’t have the time to write a great essay. Those students usually outsource that to a professional writing service.

If you don’t plan to outsource your essay to a professional writing service, keep on reading. There is an intriguing set of little-known secrets of essay writing. They all come from professional essay writers that are still using them to write great essays.

#1 Create a Strong, Striking Title

The biggest mistake would be to give a title similar to the ones given by 90% of your classmates.

For example, if the essay is about the rise of social entrepreneurship. Most of your classmates will name their essays “the rise of social entrepreneurship”.

Be creative and unique with a title that will stand out. To that end, you could use a relevant quote, like the one from Robert G. Ingersoll “We rise by lifting others.”

#2 Beggin With a Strong Opening

As they say, you get only one chance to make a strong first impression. So don’t mess it up by holding back.

A strong opening includes:

  • A great question
  • Relevant quote
  • Bold or somewhat controversial statement (that you will try to refute or prove)
  • Piece of information or statistic that will make the reader even more interested in the topic.
  • Joke or anecdote. But it needs to be a relevant joke, one that will be both illuminating and interesting. For some inspiration, check out Malcolm Gladwell’s work.

#3 Keep it Interesting

This is about keeping your reader awake. Remember – teachers tend to examine dozens of essays every day. It can be quite a boresome task, especially if all essays sound similar, make the same boring arguments, and draw the same conclusions, almost by default.

Here are few tips on how to keep your teacher/professor engages:

  • There needs to be a certain flow between paragraphs. Make sure they are linked well and that their order is logical and concise.
  • Humour can be a powerful ally if it is used properly. Irony and satire are considered the best forms of humour in academic papers. Of course, when used in moderation and to make a certain point. Anything beyond, they can have a negative effect and lose their point.
  • Choose your quotes wisely. Again, keywords are moderation and proper selection.
  • Experiment with misdirection. This can be tricky and it shouldn’t be used if you are not confident enough. The idea is to create a certain expectation. Build on it for a while, and someway midway, smash it with a particular argument. It’s like a movie plot twist that will shake things a bit.

#4 End it Well

All great movies and series have a brilliant ending. Do the same thing for your essay if you want your essay to get a top grade. Why spend hours and days slaving over and not have that materialize into an A+.

Here is a list of possible great endings:

  • Add a powerful quote from someone famous that sums up your point perfectly. That always leaves the reader with a strong impression.
  • Link it back to your opening statement.
  • Use a strong image that sums up things for you. When they say that an image speaks a thousand words – that’s what they mean. Nothing leaves a lasting impression as a powerful image.
  • Finish with a strong question. You can even make it a rhetorical question. Make it your mic drop moment that will leave your reader in ave.

Remember – the essay needs to feel like a journey and the reader needs to feel its flow, to like what he finds there, to be interested in the plot you are creating, to be intrigued by your arguments, and in the end, to find your conclusion logical and on point.

That’s how a professional essay writer working for a top-rated writing service approaches essay writing. Those are their little “dirty secrets” that make their essays stand out from mediocrity and land top grades every time.

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